About Us

FABULOUS FLOORS Magazine goes far beyond “pretty pictures” and product descriptions. Our readers, mostly women, want home fashion and decorating ideas. They will find ideas and answers in the informative articles and fascinating features seen only in FABULOUS FLOORS Magazine.

Our recurring sections, shown above, present a powerful opportunity to showcase “your” category through editorial content. Strategically placed advertising enhances the category and your brand message.

We are in the public’s eye – Fabulous Floors magazine is sold at newsstands, bookstores, retail chain stores and selected specialty outlets in North America. Check out our regular special promotions at Barnes & Noble, Books-

A-Million, Hastings and other specialty chain outlets like design centers. Copies of our Fall edition are sent via direct mail or are available electronically to 30,000 of the nation’s top interior designers, members of the ASID. Plus another

17,000 are available to subscribers of Floor Covering Weekly each quarter, all they have to do is click through on the FCW homepage via the Fabulous Floors Link. You will also be able to view a video on how Fabulous Floors Magazine will help you increase sales. AVAILABLE on our Fabulous Floors magazine website and the FCW homepage.

We’ve added a Facebook page to keep your customers informed of new product launches which includes photo albums linking your room scene photography back to your website. All you have to do is send us your images and a short description and we will post them for you….


– Visit us on Facebook and don’t miss our inspiring photo albums!

– Join our Linkedin page, and discussion group just search for Fabulous Floors Magazine.

– Link your website to Fabulous Floors Magazine. (Currently updating)

– subscribe@fabulousfloorsmag.com

                      B E A U T I F U L   H O M E   I N T E R I O R S   B E G I N   W I T H                          FABULOUS FLOORS


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