TISE 2019 Brings Exciting Opportunities

TISE 2019 is upon us and with it brings exciting opportunities…for retailers, manufacturers, realtors, and consumers!  As I sit back and reflect, I am truly inspired by the paths that have brought us here, excited about the journey ahead and enthused by the roads we have traveled along the way.

Drawing from my personal experience as a flooring retailer and integrating that with my knowledge of consumer needs and wants, made a partnership with Realtors an exceptionally easy choice to make. Fabulous Floors Magazine is now providing classes for Realtors to become Fabulous Floors Certified™.

Let’s face it; Realtors have to play an advisory role some point during the Realtor – Home buyer relationship.  The consumer perceives their agents as having the answers about the properties they see. However, this is often with little knowledge of current flooring trends and product information.

In the same vein, consumers need the retailers to purchase the flooring from so all of you retailers out there, partnering with Realtors in your neighborhood can help bring the consumer to your doors. And, think about it, if the Realtors are educated in flooring types, they can direct their customers (now they are yours!) in the right direction.

As a publisher, I wanted to do two things: 1) help the Realtor gain knowledge about flooring and 2) give the consumer valuable information about the Realtor –Home buyer relationship.

We did this by offering CEU’s for Realtors in areas of flooring and homes.  We have several classes coming up in 2019 on Historic Homes; How flooring affect home sales; Aging in Place and Retrofitting commercial flooring…just to name a few.  We started in New York State with great success. For times and dates of classes in NY State and to sign up, go to, https://gcar.com/education.  For additional information and details contact Lis Calandrino at lcalandrino@nycap.rr.com.

For the consumer, in our magazine Fabulous Floors we dedicated a section — Finding Your Way Home, to help them in the home buying/selling process. This section includes articles written by Realtors and flooring products that are lifestyle driven. Pick up a copy of Fabulous Floors Magazine at SURFACES in Las Vegas this month and see for yourself!

Margo Locust, Publisher, Fabulous Floors Magazine

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