Color Trends for 2014? Are You Afraid of Making a Mistake?

blueIt’s here again; time to talk about the hot colors and trends for 2014. I don’t mean to be cynical, but frankly, it’s a little boring to me. Can I be part of the trend if I “tie a scarf” the color of the day, around the sofa? I love fashion and feel “baited” to make a change or somehow update my wardrobe and my house.  The other problem is, everywhere you look the trend colors are different.

I’m seeing deep, saturated dark blues and purples; the problem is what can you change without breaking the bank? I’ve been thinking of changing the colors in my downstairs and painting the living room. I thought that dark   purple would be the right color to paint. Then I wondered, will I hate the color next year? I suppose if I chose the right “shade,” I will be fine. But how do you know if it’s the right shade? Of course, the designers suggest you get something small in the new color and see if you can live with it.

Does that mean a trip to Target to pick up something?( I just found out that Target had wigs!) If you’re like me, you’re really not interested in another trip to Target for one more piece of junk. Maybe it’s time to “think in a new box” and make a major change. That’s what I’m thinking.

There are only three primary colors; red, blue and yellow. Every other color in the spectrum in made from these three. Once you start mixing them together, the secondary colors are green, violet and orange. These are mixtures of two primary colors. If I’m making green, I’ll mix yellow and blue. If I use lots of blue, it will be very “blue green,” more yellow will make it “yellow green.” I will have to decide which one I like the most—yellow-green or blue -green. Of course, you can add “gray” which will tone any of the colors down or white, which will lighten the colors. With that in mind, it’s time to make your choices.  So if I’m choosing violet or purple, I need to decide whether the purple will be more “red” or “blue.” More on choosing color.

Choosing clothing is pretty much the same thing. I love when the new fashions come out. I still think red shoes are hot; yellows are cheerful and you can’t do wrong with black patent, two-tone shoes. Last year, royal blue was the color.  I bought everything I could find; I loved it. I bought so much of the color it got tiring. Instead of throwing everything out, this year I was lucky to “pair” it with another “bright “color. They call this “color blocking.”  Will I be able to “color block” the sofa next year? That’s beginning to sound tricky.

Don’t want to make a color mistake; here are some guidelines.

  1. Thinking the color your friend has will look the same in your house. It’s like thinking your friend’s lipstick will look great on you without looking at your hair and skin color in mind. If you like the color enough, get a small amount and paint it on your wall and live with it awhile. You’ll know if you like it.
  2. Don’t ignore lighting. As you live with the color, what does it look and feel like at different times of day with changes in lighting? Do you like it in the morning natural light? What is it like in the evening when you turn on the lamps, do you still like it?
  3. Don’t choose the color and match everything else to go with it. I think this is where the expression, “painting yourself in the corner comes from.” There are hundreds of paint colors to choose from, start with other things you want to keep for the room and coordinate the paint colors around them.

Don’t worry, if you miss this year’s hot color, s there’ll be more next year.

Lisbeth Calandrino is Associate Publisher and Director of Social Media at Fabulous Floors Magazine.

To have her speak at your “Fabulous Floor” event, reach her at 518.495.5380.or,http://


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