Kronotex Interviews Margo Locust

ImageMembers of the industry all know that Fabulous Floors is the only magazine about flooring that speaks to the consumer. With its finger on the pulse of interior decor trends, the publication is so much more. Publisher Margo Locust spoke to Kronotex about a number of topics. Check of the excerpts below and click the link to see the full interview.

Are you familiar with Fabulous Floors Magazine? It is the only magazine devoted exclusively to the inspiring beauty, design, variety and quality of today’s floor coverings for the home. It’s part wish book, part idea resource, part educational guide and part decor gallery for laminate flooring, as well as all other flooring types.

Recently, the Kronotex USA Blog Team interviewed Margo Locust, publisher and editor-in-chief of Fabulous Floors, about her magazine and her perspective on an industry she loves dearly: floor covering.

KX-USA: So floor covering retailers also use Fabulous Floors?

Yes, floor covering retailers tell us that Fabulous Floors is an invaluable resource to have onhand to share with their customers. Since each issue covers every type of flooring, there’s no limit to its value to both consumers and sales associates.

KX-USA: Sounds like Fabulous Floors is everywhere!

Yes, the primary goal for me is to take it to the next level, to continue to remain the leading consumer magazine dedicated to flooring.

We’ve  launched into the digital world by putting Fabulous Floors in an electronic format as well as developed digital apps for smart phones on both Android and IOS platforms. These digital editions go along with the print editions, but not the same information… with video, voice over and animation. We’re not just a publication that puts a magazine on the newsstands. 

KX-USA: What is your perspective on laminate flooring?

I think laminate is a category that has become very misunderstood. When Pergo came out in the mid-90s it was a hot new product. In fact many consumers still think that all laminate is called “Pergo” kind of like “Band-Aid” or “Windex.” Since then, laminate flooring has become known as a do-it-yourselfer product and frankly, I think nothing could be further from the truth!

I think laminate flooring is truly an affordable luxury flooring option. Often, you can’t tell it from real wood, tile or stone. Now, with the new looks and advanced manufacturing technologies like hand-scraped looks, beveled edges, wider planks, it’s become even more fabulous.

Consumers want it all. And laminate flooring gives them the styles they want at a budget that’s affordable.

Click here for the full interview!

1 thought on “Kronotex Interviews Margo Locust

  1. We enjoy working with Margo and the staff at Fabulous Floors! We encourage our clients to submit product information and photos because it is an invaluable resource for the consumer.

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