houzzEveryday there’s something new in social media, but not every day does Houzz come along. Houzz is an online community about decorating, landscape design architecture and home improvement. If you’re in the flooring industry, could there be anything better?

Houzz was founded in 2009 by Adi Tatarko and Alon Cohen as a result of their remodeling experience. Instead of cutting pages out of magazines for their project, they decided to create an online data bases. In December 2010 they released a mobile app for iPad which was downloaded over five-million times.

How can you use it? I asked  Teresa Henton Account Executive at h2b Creative in Chattanooga, Tennessee to create a blog post. Thanks Teresa..

Houzz can be thought of as an idea generator; the app’s search feature links professionals, products and users.  Thousands of Houzz members are on the site because they are planning a renovation and are looking for inspiration. Registered professionals post their project photos complete with product information, architectural style and design features for free.  Users filter the images by room or style to pick their favorites, and add them to idea books.  Everyone can engage in discussions, ask questions, and get product information and tips.

Whether 2013 finds viewers buying a home, remodeling an existing space or just seeking a little curb appeal; their go-to-guide is Houzz. To help members search for the ideal design, professionals have shared one million images from their portfolios.  Each has a back-story or explanation, and some cross reference to other pictures for a specific project or designer.

Houzz users can sign up either as a homeowner, renter, or a home improvement professional or vendor. After signing up, users are offered a choice between getting inspired, seeing products, or finding professionals in their area.

Houzz allows professionals to successfully market to and communicate with potential clients. It is the largest database for residential design and decorating ideas.  Houzz is a collaborative platform for home remodeling and design, bringing homeowners and home professionals together in a uniquely visual community.

Reasons to be on Houzz;

  1. It’s a social site that’s growing and growing fast, 226,965 unique visitors per day!
  2. 90,000 professionals showcase their portfolios and share their work with a community dedicated to home and landscape design.  Can you afford not to be found on it?
  3. Houzz members collect favorite photos, find design professionals in their area and talk with other members. It could be you that they are talking about!
  4. It’s Free! It’s something that you just can’t pass up!


Lisbeth Calandrino is Director of Social Media and Associate Publisher of Fabulous Floors Magazine. She can be reached for speaking or training at

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