Area Rugs Can Bring The World To Our Feet

The oldest surviving area rug dates to the 5th Century BC, meaning that even after thousands of years rugs remain a popular and practical floor décor. Particularly interesting about that rug found in the Siberian ice is that it features hand knotting and rich colors, patterns and detail still popular today.

That’s something to keep in mind when you purchase your next area rugs. Will yours stand the test of time and be cherished by the next generation?

Designers tell us to think of area rugs as “design allies” because of their versatility in color, size, shape, pattern and texture. They also continue to suggest changing our rugs with each season and to bring out those heirlooms for special family occasions. Let’s not forget how easily area rugs can be picked up so they can appear in another room where they can bring –– and get –– a new life.

Whether or not you intend your next area rug to become the next family keepsake, don’t think of it as a last-minute afterthought to a new floor, but as a focal point or building block of your interior design.

Whether a finishing touch to a major redecorating project or the final flourish to a simple makeover, your choice of an area rug welcomes visitors at the entry to your home or to a special room or space. So, plan your area rug purchase to match your overall floor décor plan.

One of the richest new looks in home fashion comes from clothing. It’s the layered look, and area rugs achieve that in your own home, providing a luxurious look over carpet or other area rugs. Look for patterns in your carpet that you can repeat in your rugs.
By far, today’s biggest trend in interior design is multiculturalism, the blending of the world’s cultures. Nothing makes that easier than the area rug where there are no limits to what you can do with color, design, fiber, pattern, shape or weave.

Today, we can have color combinations, materials, construction techniques and motifs we’ve never dreamt of before in area rugs.

But where do you begin? Experience tell us there are five things to look for when shopping for an area rug: color and pattern… construction and fiber… size and shape…the proper cushion to go under that new area rug and, finally, service and quality.

Let us share our experience with you and introduce you to the exciting new world of area rugs!

1 thought on “Area Rugs Can Bring The World To Our Feet

  1. At present, my Shepard-huskie combine (certainly, she IS beautiful) is curled at my toes in front of a enthusiast, shaking like a leaf in a hurricane. The weather conditions outside? Rainy. Loads of thunder. See, she’s frightened of thunder…and autos starting off up…and Globe of Warcraft…and men and women throwing matters away in dumpsters…and men and women beating rugs to thoroughly clean them…and little ones…and bugs…So, this is my dilemma…I’ve listened to of “scaredy cats”…but what can I do about my “scaredy pet dog”?

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