Just Shorn
brings together elegant carpet with sustainability, style and durability.
As you begin your search for new carpeting or rugs, you may have sustainability on your mind, and you will likely notice that the “green” trend has brought a larger selection of wool flooring options.For example, from New Zealand comes a fascinating initiative called Just Shorn®. Born from a partnership between a group of pioneering New Zealand sheep farmers and a long established agricultural business, Just Shorn assures customers that they are purchasing some of the world’s most beautiful carpeting, created from the natural and renewable resource of New Zealand wool.

The Just Shorn® label provides confidence that the beautiful flooring is made from natural, sustainable materials and can be traced back to New Zealand at any stage in the manufacturing and sale processes.Traceable- Once Just Shorn wool is harvested through a shearing process that is harmless to the sheep and hand-selected based on color (only the whitest for superb dyeing), fiber length, thickness and even resiliency, it is cleaned and processed.  It is never blended with inferior yarn fibers. To ensure that, a microscopic amount of “tracer” fiber is inserted into the wool to verify and “track” the authenticity of the Just Shorn® product .

Where can you find Just Shorn?  As the newest addition to the exclusive Dabbieri Collection of floorcovering, Just Shorn® wool carpets can be found in North America’s premier, independently owned showrooms—honored for excellence in quality, knowledge and service through membership in the International Design Guild.  Members of the International Design Guild have decorative home furnishings showrooms across North America that dominate the luxury floor covering market.

The Dabbieri Collection offers flooring that coordinates easily with traditional and contemporary interiors. Dabbieri is the ultimate in style and fine craftsmanship, created in an array of colors and patterns. For more information on the Just Shorn ® program and especially to see a portfolio of carpet and rugs, visit


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