Cushion does far more than just help your new carpet or rug feel good when you walk on it. Cushion has many jobs.

Cushion or “Padding” as it is still referred to. is first and foremost, the foundation for your carpet. I’ve linked this post to the Carpet Cushion Council, the industry expert when it comes to carpet cushion.
It can be made of varying materials, from rubber and urethanes to combinations of hair and jute. Cushion’s main job is to enhance comfort and durability by absorbing foot traffic. It also keeps carpet from separating from it’s backing or pulling apart at the seams.

Cushion  helps prevent carpet from wrinkling or buckling and matting, looking worn down before its time as it reduces noise and improves insulation between levels of your home. Cushion also supports your carpet and helps air flow during vacuuming, increasing cleaning efficiency.

Know this; cushion needs to be matched to your carpet. Often times using the wrong kind of cushion can void the warranty of your carpet. This reinforces the concept that your carpet and cushion work as a system. Check with your flooring retailer to ensure you follow the carpet manufacturer’s  recommendations for weight, density and thickness. Look for cushion that is actually promoted to extend your carpet’s life.

Modern quality cushion also has acquired some new talents. Better -quality cushion products act as a moisture barrier to protect the subfloor from spills; provide permanent, self-activating enzyme treatments to fight offensive odors and stains; include treatments to fight mold and mildew and bacteria.

When purchasing carpet cushion, talk with your floor covering professional about the cushion that works best with your carpet.

Always check to see if your cushion or any carpet product, for that matter has received the Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI) Seal of Approval.

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